Laura and Dan’s Wedding | Stradbroke Island Photography

I met Dan on my first day on the job as a photographer on a newspaper, he always tells this ridiculous tale that I hijacked his story… oh c’mon Dan – would I do that!

Now fifteen years later, after following each other around the word and with so many shared crazy, fun, amazing adventures we find ourself back in Australia, with the man/girl of our dreams.

Dan and Laura are superstars in their field (I know they are subbing this as they read it, please stop!) both kicking some serious goals they are definitely a powerhouse couple, I see great things for these guys and  cannot wait to see what they do with their combined power.

Love you guys Lots, thanks very much for everything you have done for me (and everything you will do for me in the future) xx

Jade and Nikko’s Wedding |Stradbroke Island Photography

We don’t watch TV.

So we had been talking to Jade for a little while before I realised that she had met her husband-to-be on the television show – Farmer Wants a Wife.

And were now actually about to get married!

We were quite excited to be a part of their story and to get to see Jade become Farmer Nikko’s wife.

Both very friendly and down-to-earth it was an extremely fun day where country met island, with lots of big juicy steaks straight off the farm and kilos of scrumptious, freshly caught prawns… perfect combination for a fantastic day.

The whole event was a big secret and no one could say a word until it was published in Ok Magazine.

Good Work Team;

Stradbroke Island Events, Stradbroke Hotel, Seashells Catering, Stradbroke Holidays

Jade and Rhy Wedding | Stradbroke Island Photography

I cannot even explain to you just how excited I was to be shooting this wedding.

Straddie meets Gero

Jade is a local Straddie girl and Rhy is from my home town of Geraldton in WA.

(He was one of my brothers good mates and I an great mates with his gorgeous sister)

So I pretty much knew everyone there, my sister was the makeup artist and to top it all off I was also invited to party on with everyone at the reception… and that I did.

I don’t think anyone was not dancing by the end of the night.

One of the local boys had joined the band on the stage with his didgeridoo and everyone went bananas.

So great to catch up with guys I hadn’t seen since they were kids.

(and sorry for winning your favourite marble off you at primary school Dawso, I didn’t realised you still hadn’t recovered from it)

Oh What a night

Such a beautiful wedding and such a great party.

We love you guys.

A couple of my favourite images

We Love Vietnam

As Stu and I walked off the plane into the craziness of Saigon we just could not believe how incredibly lucky we both are to have a month of ‘off season’ and be able to spend it in the gorgeous, enigma that is Vietnam.

And what a place it is… the people are so honest and friendly, with easy laughter and a wicked sense of humour, the food, oh god the food, it is fresh and delicious and complex yet simple and oh so… did I mention delicious, the landscape is dramatic with so many little hidden gems (did someone say lets go caving), the culture is interesting and intriguing and we only scratched at the surface… I want to know more.

I had spend some time in the country about ten years ago and had fallen in love with it then so I just couldn’t wait to show it off to Stu. We have both travelled quite abit so we were determined to keep ‘off the beaten track’ as much as we could…for me it is the only way to travel. I will pick an overgrown, barely recognisable, ‘not on the map’ path over a piece of concrete any day.

And I think we did quite well – we both carried a ‘school bag sized’ backpack and that was it. We had a couple of changes of clothes, a couple of cameras and a laptop It is such a fantastically free way to get around and in and out of places quickly.

I was asked the other day what was the highlight… and I found it difficult it answer, there really were so many…

Drinking weasel (poo) coffee on a plantation in Dalat, caving in Phoung Nha, kayaking amongst the karsts in Lan Ha Bay, hiking through the mountains around Sapa, drinking home made rice wine in a local hill tribes house in Ta Phin, motorbiking through the spectacular scenery, the photo exhibition celebrating the photographers who lost their lives during the war in Saigon, sitting on the side of the road eating freshly barbequed octopus and drinking 80 cent beers, playing dominoes with the local barkeeper on Cat Ba Island, eating the best.pho.ever at a rickety old table next to where the cows are being sold at marketplace in Can Cau and as I write this so many other things are popping into my head but I think the very coolest thing we did was in the mountains in the north, fourteen kilometers into a hike we stumbled across a local hill tribe wedding.

It is a two day event where the whole villiage turns out to drink the homemade wine, eat the pigs which have been gifted to the bride, play cards and of course sing karaoke. We were absolutely delighted to be invited in to enjoy the day, chatting to the ladies and sampling everything on offer… including perhaps a couple too many of the strong local spirits. It certainly made the last hours walk interesting.

So here are a couple of images from the adventure. Thank you Vietnam, we will see you next time.

Island Vibers

Stradbroke Island photography


Every year Straddie holds a music festival which attracts people from all over the place.

Here are some of the characters we bumped into throughout the very fun event

Stradbroke Island photography


“Sober October … FAIL”

Stradbroke Island photography


“So much magic on the island”

Stradbroke Island photography



Stradbroke Island photography


“Getting my Vibe on”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I can feel the community spirit”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Interesting characters and Fun moments”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Everyone is friendly and lovely”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Vibratious, Beautiful, Luscious”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Cruisy place, warm atmosphere, beautiful beach”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Good Vibe”

Stradbroke Island photography


“F#*king Rocks”

Stradbroke Island photography


“True God”

Stradbroke Island photography



“It’s m y first time and I love it, I might move here”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I’m in awe”

Stradbroke Island photography


“It’s beautiful”

Stradbroke Island photography


“A world, within a world, within a world… and everyone is here and we are all tapping our feet”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Heart Opening and Fun”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Good Vibrations”

Stradbroke Island photography


“You can do whatever the f#*k you want”

Stradbroke Island photography


“We block this weekend out of our calendar every year”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I love it here”

Stradbroke Island photography


“It’s very grounding, the festival brings alot of people together in the simplest form”

Stradbroke Island photography


“It’s a really, really beautiful party”

Stradbroke Island photography


“People don’t judge”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I feel like a fairy”

Stradbroke Island photography


“A great showcase for the island to experience other peoples work”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Letting go of stuff we don’t need”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I’ve seen a python… Don’t stray off the path”

Stradbroke Island photography


“It’s lots of fun”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Today, I’m a mermaid”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Everyone is in a really good mood”

Stradbroke Island photography



Stradbroke Island photography


“It’s so good I lost my voice”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Everyone’s smiling… makes me happy”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Having a real piratey time”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Tonight we honour the dead”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I like it”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I love the feeling of unity”

Stradbroke Island photography


“There’s no pressure, you just hang out and be yourself”

Stradbroke Island photography


“You’ve just gotta go with it”

Stradbroke Island photography


“You can always find your friends”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I’m just Ze, no last name, I changed it by deed poll so I would always be last, it was to teach me patience”

Stradbroke Island photography


“The best Festival Ever”

Stradbroke Island photography


“First festival ever”

Stradbroke Island photography


“More Drumming”

Stradbroke Island photography


“I think this is the best time I have ever had”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Tomorrow is my sixth year anniversary for being on Straddie, I came here for one night”

Stradbroke Island photography


“Welcome to Stradhippie”





How video works

So… you are thinking of adding video to your photography package.

All I can say is Do It.

Of course the images of your day will be beautiful and amazing and and you will love, cherish and likely cry over them but also having a video, something in the future you can show your grandkids that little part of your love story or even just look back at yourselves and stir the memories of how things were, really is something that you cannot recreate any other way.

Yes, we are photographers, but we were newspaper photographers for a combined 30 plus years (oh god – is that how old we are… ok so we started young, very young!) and newspaper photographers get to do so many varied things, every day is so very different.

And it was here that we started to delve into the world of video. Once we got the bug… it was unstoppable.

As we gravitated away from newspapers and into our own business we started to get more and more questions about video and we were passing it off to other videographers that we knew (and who are amazing) but we quickly learnt that it is very difficult to keep that intimate, friendly, fun atmosphere that we like to have share with our couple.

And so we decided to give it a go ourselves.

Our first was a friend, they ended up just loving what we gave them and it just moved on from there, we just kept getting more and more bookings and we just get better and better (even if we do say so ourselves!)

It really is a win, win situation… we get to keep the cozy and engaging aspect of the day that lets us create the very best possible images (and now video) for you for your day and you get to concentrate on enjoying yourself without so many different people around.

What we offer is lovely little overview of the day, it is usually between about 4-6 minutes long and covers everything from preparation to sundown (which usually coincides with your disappearance into your reception party)

It includes music as well as audio from throughout the day (depending on the photography package you have it is usually from the ceremony and we find that this is where the most heartfelt moments are had)

I spend a lot of time choosing that perfect song for the video (so much that Stu -and also Chester who has taken to howling at certain songs if they are played too often – has made me start wearing earphones while I do it)

We want to make sure that the music and the footage are balanced and that we are able to convey all of those emotions from the day. The song we choose is through a combination of things… what you have been playing on the day, your choice of ‘moment music’ and also – You.

Of course we would love for you to just give us your favorite song and use that, but legally we cannot, and music we use we need to license and we have several websites where we do this through.

So, in short we do put alot of time, effort and sometimes even tears into getting it right for you, and we are very proud to say that 99% of the time we nail it and you are blown away by the end result. But if you are in that 1% and you really hate it, then please don’t leave it… having sleepless nights and getting all worked up about it, let us know straight away, I am sure we can work something out, plus that way I still have everything in the editing programs on my computer and I don’t have to set it all up again… Chester really hates that.

Check our Rosie and Robs Video here… They just loved what we did for them.


Rosie and Rob’s North Stradbroke Island Wedding

I think everyone on the island fell a little bit in love with Rosie and Rob as well as their lovely friends and family. I know we did.

It was such an lovely day and we had such a great time hanging out with them and shooting their wedding.

Rosie is a nurse and Rob is a teacher who have been living in Weipa for the past four years and somehow they managed to organise everything from there.

But they also have deep ties to the island.

Do you know Gunthers stone seat at the headland on the grass out the front of the gelati shop. Well Gunther is Rosies grandad.

And Rosies sister Amity… well I think you know who she is named after.

Such a pleasure to be apart of your wedding Rosie and Rob, we just loved it.

We also made a video

Check it out here…

Once again LOVE love LOVED working with the amazingly talented locals we have on the island

Donna and her team from Stradbroke Island Events

Emma from Stradbroke Island Makeup

Kobe from Kobe’s Hair Art

Gordies Team from Straddie Catering Service


Soph and Andy’s North Stradbroke Island Wedding

We always love it when people that we know ask us to shoot their wedding, but when Soph and Andy asked us what date was good for us we were especially pleased.

These guys are alot of fun and we just knew that their wedding and the weeks (months) leading up to it would be bordering on outrageous.

And we were right.

From the surprise engagement leading into the surprise overseas birthday holiday

to Sophies surprise ten girl, five day hens extravaganza in Cairns (of which I attended) to Andys Gold Coast Boys weekend (of which Stu is pleased to say he got out of alive… only just)

to the second hens and stag parties to the leadup with all of the english friends and relatives arriving the actual wedding the the grand finale of what seemed like a never ending party since the beautiful art deco engagement ring was slipped on Sophies finger (I am sure everyones liver will agree)

And what a lovely wedding it was… So many amazing people who went in strangers and came out firm friends and so many amazing finishing touches

Sophies mum hand made her dress, the vast array of bridal party all lended their talents and played a part and the whole thing was pulled together beautifully (despite the rain)

The reception went well into the night and I left as the bride and groom were doing jager shots on the bar… I would have expected nothing less.

Styling by Donna, Spider and their Team at Stradbroke Island Events

Hair by Kobe’s Hair Art

Makeup by Emma at Stradbroke Island Makeup

Flowers by Lisa at Islabelle Flowers

Michelle and Ed – Beach Marquee North Stradbroke Island Wedding

It is every girls dream wedding…

Beautiful ceremony on the beach under perfect blue skies and then not ten sandy footprints away from the ‘I Dos’ an incredible, beautifully styled marquee set up right on the beach, a couple of meters from the lapping waters edge

This is what Michelle and Ed had. What a way to showcase the island off to their friends from abroad.

Oh wow, it was amazing.

Do you see yourself dancing the night away under the stars on a paradise island with the sound of the waves in your ears?  Well you need to get in touch with Donna and her crew from Stradbroke Island Events

And then these two flew over to the Uk (where Ed hails from) and did it all over again there.


Megan and Brodie marry at Amity Beach on Straddie

You know how sometimes, every now and then you meet someone and instantly click.

That is what happened with ourselves and Megan and Brodie.

We first photographed these guys for their engagement shoot where we finished the session with them jumping off the Amity jetty (it was their idea!)… I liked them before they did this, but I think I fell a little bit in love when they emerged dripping wet and laughing their heads off.

And their wedding really was no different, so much fun was had on this day, they both (well everyone really) did not stop cracking jokes, laughing and obviously having the time of their lives.

So many little surprises, their bridesmaid Ness was also their celebrant, the ceremony and the reception were at amazing beachside house ‘Willos’ so Brodie got ready, got married and partied on all at the same place, their were ‘flannos’ hanging up in trees to chase the night cold away and they finished off in typical Megz and Brod style (wedding dress hitched up) with a ride on their pushbikes, complete with trailing cans and wheelies.

Plus they had my favorite flower of all time – Geraldton Wax (yes I am originally a Gero girl!)

These two have a beautiful, yet simple philosophy keeping their relationship fresh and oh so importantly FUN – Megz is a local girl, Brode just loves the ocean and their honeymoon was a camping trip on the island with their dogs

I just received a text from Megz letting me know that she was in tears over the photos and video… obviously news we love to hear!! xx

Thanks for inviting us, an absolute pleasure… looking forwards to that camping trip down the beach!!

We also made a little video of their wedding… check it out here

Styling by Stradbroke Island Events

Catering by Straddie Catering Services