Emerald and Pattie’s Straddie wedding

When island locals Emerald and Pattie announced that they had become engaged we (and the whole community) were delighted for them.

Gorgeous Emerald, who I have known for almost ten years, handsome Pat, the lucky man who happened to snap her up and their little ball of energy Paxton.

And then when they asked us to take their wedding photos we were absolutely beside ourselves. Yippee! We couldn’t wait. We knew this was going to be so.much.fun.

It was a friends and family affair… with my sister Emma on makeup, Sheryl as celebrant (and who had been privy to their relationship as it first blossomed as Pat was working as the ‘new chef on the island’ at the Pub, Donna outdoing herself (once again) by taking care of the styling and decorations, Kobe on hair (god she’s good), Lisa doing an amazing job on the flowers, with Emerald and her girls getting ready at the very convenient Allure (just a short walk across the road to the ceremony on Home Beach and the Reception at the Community Hall) Plus Pat’s sister Katie and Emerald’s sister Amber were both bridesmaids… You could just feel the LOVE.

Lincoln, Emerald’s brother who is on the surf tour was in Portugal for a comp and was unable to make it. This didn’t stop him from attending his big sisters big day though. As a surprise for the couple Emeralds family had a life-sized cutout made of him and as Emerald walked down the aisle she saw that he had managed to make it after all. ‘Lincoln’ had a great time, drinking beers with the guys, hanging out with his family, eating cake, and cutting up the dance floor along with everyone else.

We also put together a video of the day which you can see if you follow this link

Emerald and patties wedding video

Thanks for sharing neighbours (we have since moved next door to each other, Pax and our dog Chester – or Chet cher as Pax calls him, are besties)

Can’t wait for Amber’s  wedding in May, which we are also very pleased to be the photographers for. Yes, it’s going to be good. Woohoo. xxx


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