Cat and Luke tie the knot at North Stradbroke Island

So what happens when a lovely, fun irish girl meets and falls in love with a handsome (patient) aussie guy.

Well, a crazy, laughter (and song) filled coming together of two families, on a paradise island during a perfectly amazing Straddie day.

Groom Luke recruited what looked like an army to get down to South Gorge first thing in the morning to clean up some of the mess the storms had left.

While bride Cat sat happily amongst the chaos (with the occasional break out into a power ballad) that was her family and friends who were here for the wedding all the way from Ireland.

Her brother, who was to walk her down the aisle, was taking the job of ring barer very seriously and (in his very cute irish accent) walked us through the emergency plan just incase of a tsunami and what he would do with the rings.

One of the bridesmaids had just had a baby but she was there and ready to go… nothing was going to stop this wedding… not even the cancellation of the band the week before. Nice work for stepping in at the last moment Adam Dunn

Kobe on fire as always on hair (this girl is good… even when very pregnant as she was during Cat and Luke’s wedding)

With Mary Burns as the Celebrant, Stradbroke Island Events (as always) doing an amazing job on the ceremony and reception styling and set up, Stradbroke Catering dishing up some incredible food with the guest able to take in the breathtaking views and dance the night away at the reception venue Point Lookout Surf Club

We had such a fun time, it was a fantastic wedding to be apart of. Thanks guys. xx


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