Megan and Brodie get engaged

This awesome, fun (and a little bit goofy) couple invited us over to Megan’s parents house in Amity to take their engagement and save the date photos.

They had heard about us through my sister who does makeup and remedial massage (thanks Em) So as she was pulling away after working her magic, we were pulling in.

We arrived to Megz holding back the dogs and telling us that she wasn’t sure just where to go for the photos… Have a look around.

Not ten meters away was their backyard leading into an incredible bushland and from a massive tree, their childhood rope swing… Are you kidding me – this is perfect!!

Out came the ‘Amity bike’ complete with rod holder, which Brodie just loved and the shoot was ON.

These two were the absolute easiest people to photograph, they loved a smile and a laugh, loved their dogs, loved each other and up for anything… And I mean ANYTHING.

Ant bites, rope burn and handlebar butt will not stop them

And that was not our suggestion to jump off the jetty… Completely their doing… crazy kids!

We had a little trip down to the beach where they are going to have their wedding ceremony and reception and we CANNOT wait to photograph it. It is going to be AMAZING!


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