Rosie and Rob’s North Stradbroke Island Wedding

I think everyone on the island fell a little bit in love with Rosie and Rob as well as their lovely friends and family. I know we did.

It was such an lovely day and we had such a great time hanging out with them and shooting their wedding.

Rosie is a nurse and Rob is a teacher who have been living in Weipa for the past four years and somehow they managed to organise everything from there.

But they also have deep ties to the island.

Do you know Gunthers stone seat at the headland on the grass out the front of the gelati shop. Well Gunther is Rosies grandad.

And Rosies sister Amity… well I think you know who she is named after.

Such a pleasure to be apart of your wedding Rosie and Rob, we just loved it.

We also made a video

Check it out here…

Once again LOVE love LOVED working with the amazingly talented locals we have on the island

Donna and her team from Stradbroke Island Events

Emma from Stradbroke Island Makeup

Kobe from Kobe’s Hair Art

Gordies Team from Straddie Catering Service



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