forest meets beach wedding

Jade and Rhy Wedding | Stradbroke Island Photography

I cannot even explain to you just how excited I was to be shooting this wedding.

Straddie meets Gero

Jade is a local Straddie girl and Rhy is from my home town of Geraldton in WA.

(He was one of my brothers good mates and I an great mates with his gorgeous sister)

So I pretty much knew everyone there, my sister was the makeup artist and to top it all off I was also invited to party on with everyone at the reception… and that I did.

I don’t think anyone was not dancing by the end of the night.

One of the local boys had joined the band on the stage with his didgeridoo and everyone went bananas.

So great to catch up with guys I hadn’t seen since they were kids.

(and sorry for winning your favourite marble off you at primary school Dawso, I didn’t realised you still hadn’t recovered from it)

Oh What a night

Such a beautiful wedding and such a great party.

We love you guys.

A couple of my favourite images


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