About simmsquinn

ang&stu met at work (they were both newspaper photographers)

while living on straddie ang had flipped a coin to determine her destiny

stu was not long back from working over seas

she liked him and he liked her almost instantly they were together (stu had moved in after a few weeks)

after 1 beautiful, amazing, incredible year angie (stubborn) left the country

stu stubbornly stayed on

no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t forget each other

six months later he came to rescue her (cripes)

their bank accounts, plans, lives and hearts merged

on return to australia he got a job in newcastle she in brisbane

they saw each other every couple of weeks until they realised that it had taken 1,163 days, and 16,953 km to acknowledge

that when you know, you just know

stu quit his job and moved up to be with ang

they bought a house, got a dog

then(being a leap year and all) she sent him on a treasure hunt of lurve and asked him to marry her it was all terribly romantic

they got married on Straddie then moved to Straddie in the very same week

and have been getting inspired and photographing it there ever since


               www.stradbrokeislandphotography.com      –


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