Infomation for Straddie Brides

Ok, so you have found, booked and locked in your awesome photographers for your big day and you are happy to have crossed that big ‘To Do’ off the list (and that list is a seemingly never ending, living, breathing thing… don’t worry, you will get to the bottom of it!)

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when getting through that list.

Light and Space

When choosing your place of preparation place please, please consider how much light and space there is.

Seriously – get the upgrade.

Do you really want to fit you, your four bridesmaids, mum and dad, two flower girls and their parents, makeup artist and hairdresser plus all of their stuff, plus all of your stuff plus two photographers and two videographers and all of their stuff into a little hotel room. No you don’t.

You will need space on the day to relax, take your time and take in everything you have been preparing for (trust me – the morning before is pretty frantic, you will need to be able to step away for a breather)

And we will need space to make the most of your beautiful detail, your gorgeous portraits and to capture those lovely moments.

We spend much more time with the ladies, so boys… give the girls the larger place, it will take you half an hour to get ready and will most likely be down the beach having a surf for most of the morning anyway (or at the ceremony helping set up, or both!).

And clear away that clutter, make the beds, do the dishes… clean lines are what we are looking for in the photos and if it is there we do try to avoid the mess but often we can’t do you really want that moment when your father sees you for the first time ruined by last nights leftovers on the bench behind him.

And bring some scissors… no one ever thinks to bring scissors when they are getting married, you will need them!

Straddie wedding photography


The one thing no amount of planning can change.

Have you a plan B incase it rains?

I know we all really, really hope that it doesn’t… but what if it does. Are you prepared for it? Rain won’t ruin your day but not having a backup just incase it does just might. Trust me, I know… it absolutely bucketed down on our wedding day… there was absolutely no way that the beach ceremony and picnic reception I had planned was going to work. Luckily for us we had an undercover plan B and I still get comments on how awesome the photos looked. If it rains just go with it… your hair will dry and your hands will warm up get out there and make the most of it all.

And don’t forget about the other extreme as well… the heat. It gets hot on Straddie, especially on the beach in the middle of the day.

Think about your guests. Don’t keep them waiting to long, have some shade for them and supply water.

What are your groomsmen wearing… sweat marks are difficult to edit out!

And you will likely be wearing much more material then you are used to. Keep hydrated.

Straddie wedding photographer
This is Stu and I at out wedding… in between showers


It is a really good idea to put a cap on the amount of people who are present when you are getting ready.

It is your big day and everyone will want to talk to you, get photos with and of you, be asking you questions, want solutions to problems etc etc.

Having only your inner circle with you allows you to collect yourself before the onslaught of everyone you love surrounding you at the ceremony and reception.

When you are freshly made up, before you go out, is the perfect time for us to get the portraits of you, you with your girls and you with your mum and dad.

Stradbroke wdding photography


Think carefully about having children at either the preparation place and the location photos with your bridal party afterwards.

Sure, you may want them there for some photographs with you. Have you got someone who can bring them in for a couple of minutes for the shoot and then let you get on with what you have to do. It really will make your day so much easier and less stressful to not have to worry about children on top of everything else.

Straddie wedding photographer


Build time into your schedule, you will run late, things will take much longer then you think they will and the last thing you want is to be rushing out the door to your own wedding in a big frenzy.

A good rule-of-thumb to work with… Let your bridesmaids know to be ready and in their dresses an hour before the ceremony time, then they can help you get into your dress, we can get the images we need of you and your girls as well as you and your family and then you can all enjoy a glass of champagne and a laugh before heading off to get yourself married.

After the ceremony we will give you a little bit of time to say hello to your guests before we start rounding up you, your new husband and all of your guests for the group photo. Then we will break down into the smaller family groups. Best to have a think about who you would like in these photos and give a groomsman and a bridesmaid the duty of letting those know they are needed for a photo.

Then, depending on time the bridal party will disappear for their location shots. This will usually take about an hour (depending on the size of the bridal party) Before you return to the reception and the party begins.


For the after ceremony bridal party location photos make sure that you have an esky with some nibblies, water and your drink of choice (a bottle of bubbly is always lovely to pop with your special people)

After the build up to the ceremony you will relish a relaxing little drink and some norishment to get the photos underway, we all know that hangry feeling, not what we want on our wedding day.

North Stradbroke Island wedding photography

Enjoy it

You don’t get to do this again so enjoy it. The whole thing, from the leadup to the actual day and the days afterwards where everyone is still around, is the one time you get to have your most favorite people in your most favorite place… make the most of it,

Stop and breath… you are going to have

North Stradbroke Island Wedding Photographer, Straddie Photography, Straddie Wedding Photograph

So what now?

You likely won’t hear from us again until the day before the wedding.

This is when we will come and find you to touch base, say hello, find out any last minute changes and have a sneaky peek at how you are doing your decorations, I just LOVE wedding details.

We will let you know how the beaches, wind, weather looks and where we suggest the best place for the location photos will be. So until then, happy planning and cannot wait o see your vision come to life.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions or want to go through anything…. We are always up for doing something different and outrageous so if you have an idea then let us in on it.

See you soon



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