How video works

So… you are thinking of adding video to your photography package.

All I can say is Do It.

Of course the images of your day will be beautiful and amazing and and you will love, cherish and likely cry over them but also having a video, something in the future you can show your grandkids that little part of your love story or even just look back at yourselves and stir the memories of how things were, really is something that you cannot recreate any other way.

Yes, we are photographers, but we were newspaper photographers for a combined 30 plus years (oh god – is that how old we are… ok so we started young, very young!) and newspaper photographers get to do so many varied things, every day is so very different.

And it was here that we started to delve into the world of video. Once we got the bug… it was unstoppable.

As we gravitated away from newspapers and into our own business we started to get more and more questions about video and we were passing it off to other videographers that we knew (and who are amazing) but we quickly learnt that it is very difficult to keep that intimate, friendly, fun atmosphere that we like to have share with our couple.

And so we decided to give it a go ourselves.

Our first was a friend, they ended up just loving what we gave them and it just moved on from there, we just kept getting more and more bookings and we just get better and better (even if we do say so ourselves!)

It really is a win, win situation… we get to keep the cozy and engaging aspect of the day that lets us create the very best possible images (and now video) for you for your day and you get to concentrate on enjoying yourself without so many different people around.

What we offer is lovely little overview of the day, it is usually between about 4-6 minutes long and covers everything from preparation to sundown (which usually coincides with your disappearance into your reception party)

It includes music as well as audio from throughout the day (depending on the photography package you have it is usually from the ceremony and we find that this is where the most heartfelt moments are had)

I spend a lot of time choosing that perfect song for the video (so much that Stu -and also Chester who has taken to howling at certain songs if they are played too often – has made me start wearing earphones while I do it)

We want to make sure that the music and the footage are balanced and that we are able to convey all of those emotions from the day. The song we choose is through a combination of things… what you have been playing on the day, your choice of ‘moment music’ and also – You.

Of course we would love for you to just give us your favorite song and use that, but legally we cannot, and music we use we need to license and we have several websites where we do this through.

So, in short we do put alot of time, effort and sometimes even tears into getting it right for you, and we are very proud to say that 99% of the time we nail it and you are blown away by the end result. But if you are in that 1% and you really hate it, then please don’t leave it… having sleepless nights and getting all worked up about it, let us know straight away, I am sure we can work something out, plus that way I still have everything in the editing programs on my computer and I don’t have to set it all up again… Chester really hates that.

Check our Rosie and Robs Video here… They just loved what we did for them.


Kate and Dan – North Stradbroke Island Wedding

This was always going to be a really fun wedding.

These guys know how to put on a great party, get married in style and look absolutely fantastic while doing it.

The girls looking gorgeous in blue, with their eyebrows done by the bride and makeup by Emma. Clever Kate also designed her own shoes.

It seemed as though every single person knew each other, so everyone was mingling and chatting, an extremely friendly affair.

Styled by Stradbroke Island Events

Reception held at Stradbroke Hotel

Celebrant David Thourburn

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Cat and Luke tie the knot at North Stradbroke Island

So what happens when a lovely, fun irish girl meets and falls in love with a handsome (patient) aussie guy.

Well, a crazy, laughter (and song) filled coming together of two families, on a paradise island during a perfectly amazing Straddie day.

Groom Luke recruited what looked like an army to get down to South Gorge first thing in the morning to clean up some of the mess the storms had left.

While bride Cat sat happily amongst the chaos (with the occasional break out into a power ballad) that was her family and friends who were here for the wedding all the way from Ireland.

Her brother, who was to walk her down the aisle, was taking the job of ring barer very seriously and (in his very cute irish accent) walked us through the emergency plan just incase of a tsunami and what he would do with the rings.

One of the bridesmaids had just had a baby but she was there and ready to go… nothing was going to stop this wedding… not even the cancellation of the band the week before. Nice work for stepping in at the last moment Adam Dunn

Kobe on fire as always on hair (this girl is good… even when very pregnant as she was during Cat and Luke’s wedding)

With Mary Burns as the Celebrant, Stradbroke Island Events (as always) doing an amazing job on the ceremony and reception styling and set up, Stradbroke Catering dishing up some incredible food with the guest able to take in the breathtaking views and dance the night away at the reception venue Point Lookout Surf Club

We had such a fun time, it was a fantastic wedding to be apart of. Thanks guys. xx

Gemma and Charl – North Stradbroke Island Wedding

North Stradbroke Island Photography

North Stradbroke Island Photographer

Have you seen a more gorgeous newly married couple…

Such a delight to photograph, we found it difficult to pick out our favorites from this wonderful day.

The weeks leading up had been raining and with the island receiving a soaking the night before – a beach wedding was looking a little doubtful. The sky was quite grey but it was decided… a beach wedding it was.

And absolutely the right decision.

That breathtaking instant during the vows as the clouds parted and the sun shone bathing the wedding in bright light and sparkling off their new wedding rings.

A moment no-one will forget.

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