Rosie and Rob’s North Stradbroke Island Wedding

I think everyone on the island fell a little bit in love with Rosie and Rob as well as their lovely friends and family. I know we did.

It was such an lovely day and we had such a great time hanging out with them and shooting their wedding.

Rosie is a nurse and Rob is a teacher who have been living in Weipa for the past four years and somehow they managed to organise everything from there.

But they also have deep ties to the island.

Do you know Gunthers stone seat at the headland on the grass out the front of the gelati shop. Well Gunther is Rosies grandad.

And Rosies sister Amity… well I think you know who she is named after.

Such a pleasure to be apart of your wedding Rosie and Rob, we just loved it.

We also made a video

Check it out here…

Once again LOVE love LOVED working with the amazingly talented locals we have on the island

Donna and her team from Stradbroke Island Events

Emma from Stradbroke Island Makeup

Kobe from Kobe’s Hair Art

Gordies Team from Straddie Catering Service


Rach and Nick marry on North Stradbroke Island

How great were these guys… They suggested that they might like to get some photos on the Gorge Walk… so off we went to the Gorge to do their bridal party shoot.

These gorgeous girls in their little pastel dresses and heels and the amazing bride in her heels and wedding dress plus the very handsome boys sporting full suits.

And there they were climbing out to the end of the headland and perching themselves on top of a rock, on the edge of a cliff… high heels and all

I have to say Stu and I were extremely impressed.

Beautifully, gracefully done and all with a smile.

It was fantastic to spend the day with this group and having the pleasure to see Rach and Nick get married. I LOVE a couple who are up for anything. Thanks guys.

Gemma and Charl – North Stradbroke Island Wedding

North Stradbroke Island Photography

North Stradbroke Island Photographer

Have you seen a more gorgeous newly married couple…

Such a delight to photograph, we found it difficult to pick out our favorites from this wonderful day.

The weeks leading up had been raining and with the island receiving a soaking the night before – a beach wedding was looking a little doubtful. The sky was quite grey but it was decided… a beach wedding it was.

And absolutely the right decision.

That breathtaking instant during the vows as the clouds parted and the sun shone bathing the wedding in bright light and sparkling off their new wedding rings.

A moment no-one will forget.

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4 Ingredients Kids shoot

food photography


food photographer


This years wet and wild Australia Day was spent on the Sunshine Coast with Kim McCosker and her incredible 4 Ingredients team shooting the last images for her upcoming Wellness Trilogy recipe books.

All very exciting as just having started the ‘new me’ (again) and eating healthily… avoiding wheat, cutting down on sugars and attempting to stay on the wagon!

As today is another day of ‘stay at home’ weather I thought I might post some photographs shot for her last book, 4 Ingredients Kids.

Stu shot this one and (being a big kid himself) had alot of fun with all of the different props.

With not much time for cooking I love anything which is quick, easy and has the least amount of time spent in the shops searching for the contents. Cannot wait for the new series… the first one will be out in about a month… will keep you posted!


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Snow at Tan House Farm, Wiltshire, UK

Tan House farm photography

From the Archives…

Introducing Tan House Farm. A big piece of my heart belongs here.

The story goes… As I was travelling through Europe I suddenly found myself at the end of my money (as sometimes happens when backpacking around!)

So instead of going home I spent my plane ticket funds on a tent, a £250 car and landed myself a job as a photographer on the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald.

I spent about a month living in the tent in a field behind a pub (paying for ‘rent’ by supplying images of the pub to the landlord!). It was in the pub, The Three Magpies that I met one of my very closest friends, Simon.

Over a few pints of the local brew 6X, he told me that he had a house where he had converted the attic into a flat (that is my little window top right!). Little did I know that this chance meeting would be the beginning of some of the best experiences I have had…

All it took was one look at this incredible 500 year old farm house, set on acres and acres of property, in one of the most beautiful places in England and I was hooked.

It was two years of ye olde English living… hunts, shooting (Simon ran a pheasant shoot on the farm) and making lifelong friends with the locals from the village…

I have the most amazing memories from Wiltshire – I met the most incredible people and am so glad I ran out of money when I did…

Miss you guys… You all know who you are!


4 Ingredients – One Pot One Bowl

4 ingredients single


One of our most very favourite regular clients is Kim McCosker and her team of amazing super women. (

I am completely in love with her passion and vision. Spending time with Kim and her team is an absolute, inspirational delight.

The images above are a small sample of the awesome photo’s from the 4 Ingredients latest book One Pot One Bowl and were all taken by Stuart… The book is incredible and we love that the photographs take a leading role featuring prominently throughout.

We have a copy in our kitchen, it suits our busy lifestyle perfectly and we would be lost without it.

The next 4 Ingredients book is to be launched in August and will again feature photography from simmsquinn.

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